I had this website because before, in my free time I dedicated myself to making video games, and taking advantage of the fact that I know a little bit about web development, I am going to introduce myself:

I am 16 years old, almost 17, I live in Onda, Castellón, Spain, and I am studying 1st year of Scientific-Technical Bachelor. I've never been good at music, in fact, until May 2020 I didn't even know what a major scale was. But EDM fascinates me, so I downloaded the trial version of FL Studio and I started producing. I currently have FL Studio Producer Edition and Sylenth1. Through the teachings of my friends and YouTube tutorials I have been learning and I produced the tracks that I have uploaded to my SoundCloud. I have not yet published anything related to music on YouTube or Instagram, and about my artist name, I'm not sure if is going to be the one who I have indicated.

That's all, excuse me if I have rolled up too much 😅

Greetings and thanks for your time